Volunteer Terms and Conditions of Service

Rules, Regulations & Refund Policy

Rules and Regulations

Please note that each project has its rules and regulations and volunteers must adhere to this. These may be posted at your accommodation or discussed with you shortly after arrival.

No refunds will be made to volunteers who fail to follow the applicable rules and regulations or those whose program is terminated before completion due to non compliance.

Application Fee

The US$100 application fee, covers communication, airport pick up and local support. The application fee is non-refundable.

Program Fees

Advance Africa commits significant resources to arranging each placement and project. Details of the applicable program fees are set out on our website.

In most cases, payments to volunteer coordinators, country coordinators, project staff and host families are made well in advance to pay for their commitment and service. Advance Africa is unable to recover these advance payments and will therefore not issue refunds once the payments have been disbursed.

Where a program is interrupted or cancelled during a placement, the program fee is non-refundable.

All requests for program fee refunds must be posted, or scanned as an e-mail attachment to Advance Africa with your signature at the bottom. Phone calls and e-mails are not acceptable. You will be notified once your refund request has been received within 72 hours.

Should you not be emailed in regard to your request, the assumption should be made that the request was not received. Advance Africa not responsible for email or mail that is not received.

Cancellation 30 or more days from start of project.

If you notify Advance Africa in writing of a requested cancellation of a volunteer program 30 or more calendar days from the start of the program, Advance Africa agrees to refund to you seventy-five percent (75%) of the total fee, excluding the nonrefundable deposit fee of $100.00 and any applicable bank charges.

Cancellation on or after the start of project period.

If you notify Advance Africa of a requested cancellation of a program on or after the start of the project period, no refund will be made to you under any conditions or for any reasons.

Cancellation of project by Advance Africa.

If Advance Africa cancels a program/project before the start of the travel/project period, Advance Africa will provide you a full refund of the applicable Fees.

Payment of Refunds.

Any refunds will be made to you within ninety 30 days from confirmation of cancellation. When your refund has been processed you will receive confirmation of the refund being issued via email.

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