Volunteer Organizations: Advance Africa

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Volunteer organizations: Advance Africa is a non profit volunteer organization with a wide range of volunteering opportunities.

Volunteer work is available in teaching, orphanage, medical, HIV/Aids work, & women empowerment projects.

We offer exciting summer camp, work abroad and volunteer abroad programmes in Kenya and other African countries.

Advance Africa has been helping people of all ages volunteer abroad for 7 years.

Our volunteer work overseas projects are affordable, insightful and offer plenty of time for travel and exploration. We promote sustainable development in Africa through responsible volunteering programs.

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Volunteer organizations: Orphanage Programs

Emily from USA cuddling a baby -  Kenya Orphanage Programs

Volunteer orphanages: Orphanage volunteer programs are available for anyone who wants to get involved and make a difference in the lives of young orphans all year round.

Orphanage volunteers provide love, care and support to the orphaned children. Orphanage volunteer projects are available in several rural areas, Mombasa, Nairobi and its suburbs. More on orphanage volunteer programs...

Voluntary Work Overseas: Volunteer Teaching in Kenya

Donato from Italy on the volunteering in Kenya teaching program

Volunteer abroad teaching English, math, sports and other subjects. Volunteers teach a class on their own or assist local teachers in the school.

Native English speakers do not need any specific qualifications or TEFL to teach conversational English.

Volunteer opportunities to teach English abroad are available in several rural areas, Mombasa, Nairobi and its suburbs. Volunteers can teach abroad from one week to one year. More on volunteering in Kenya teaching programs...

Voluntary Work Overseas: Masai Tribe Projects

Masai volunteers outside a Masai Manyatta

Volunteering work available amongst the Masai tribe in Kenya includes teaching, working at community health clinics, building etc.

Volunteers experience Masai culture by living with a Masai host family. Living and working amongst the Masai people will be a very enriching and memorable experience. More on Maasai volunteering programs...

Volunteering Work Overseas: Kenya Medical Projects

physiotherapy medical volunteer assists in a spinal injury clinic

Medical placements are available for medical professionals, pre med, medical, midwifery and nursing students in and around Nairobi, Mombasa and several towns around Kenya.

Medical volunteers work in clinics, and hospitals in poor areas experience the medical system in a developing country. As a medically qualified volunteer, you will help by sharing your medical skills and knowledge while working alongside local staff to provide basic medical care.

Medical volunteers have the opportunity to work in the areas of general medical practice, pediatrics, maternal health, A&E, dentistry, physiotherapy and laboratory work. Volunteer organizations: More on medical volunteer programs...

Volunteer Work Overseas: HIV/Aids Program

volunteering in Kenya HIV/Aids program

Volunteers in the HIV/AIDS program help in decreasing the spread of HIV through raising awareness in the community, schools and public gatherings.

Volunteers also help in providing home based care, and emotional support to those affected by HIV/AIDS within the community.

As part of the program, volunteers work with HIV/Aids patients in various income generation activities such as making soap, bracelets, necklaces, baskets and other crafts for sale. More on HIV/Aids volunteer programs...