Visions in Action Jobs

Location: Africa.

Visions in Action Jobs:

Visions in Action is an international development organization that specializes in food security, education, and HIV/AIDS programs in Liberia, Tanzania, South Africa, and Uganda.

The following opportunity exists in the organization;

1. Program Development Officer- Uganda

General Responsibilities::

Program Development:

  • Coordinate partnerships and logistics for current Education Project involving book distribution to schools in the Gulu district
  • Create new programs by assessing needs in Uganda, particularly in the areas of HIV/AIDS (primary emphasis) and also education and food security.
  • Liaise with other NGOs, donors and the government on a daily basis, design programs and/or negotiate sub-granting opportunities with selected donors and NGO’s for funded relief and development programs.
  • Write and submit proposals with guidance from the head office to donors with the expectation that several proposed programs will receive donor support.
  • Attend program meetings with the international donor & NGO community, including attendance at monthly meetings sponsored UN OCHA and the Ministries of Health and Education in both Kampala and Gulu
  • Report to the U.S. office by email on a daily basis, and compile written reports of program development activities each month, due by the 10th of the following month.
  • Post involves constant networking, research and writing.
  • Complete Financial Reports and Timesheets monthly

    Program Management:

  • Work with staff and volunteers in Gulu to establish a fee for service health clinic providing HIV testing and other services
  • Liaise with local NGO’s to cultivate new opportunities and maintain current relationships for volunteer program placement
  • Update and upkeep NGO Guide; arrange placements for incoming volunteers
  • Organize orientation for incoming classic volunteer every 6 months
  • Tend to volunteer issues and remain in contact with volunteer placement organizations

    Financial Management

  • Operate checking account
  • Track Petty Cash Disbursements
  • Complete Monthly Financial Reports in Excel, due the 7th of each month

    House & Assets Management

  • Rent out rooms to 2-5 tenants in the Gulu house to earn operating income
  • Rent out vehicles and motorbikes to donors and NGOs to earn operating income
  • Liaise with Landlord and make requests for repairs, including financial bids
  • Assure security for assets in Gulu, managing the security guards


  • University Degree or equivalent required. Masters Degree Preferred
  • Experience in nonprofit setting and/or international NGO setting required.
  • Previous experience researching, developing & writing program proposals preferred.
  • Must have excellent communication skills and be willing to take initiative and network in country and work in and travel to challenging rural environment, gather data and develop needed programs.
  • Must have a fundraising and grassroots mindset, and be willing to accomplish program development objectives within budget.

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