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Vintage International MSc Scholarships: Higher training in vine growing and oenology, Master International Vintage combines scientific, technical training and professional experiences.

It gives a complete approach of the wine sector :

  • technical (vine growing, oenology, "terroirs")
  • marketing
  • economic and
  • organisational.

    This 4 six-month semester course lead to a Degree of Master of Science MSc or french (DNM), also to double and joined diplomas.

    The objective of this program is to form executives of the international wine sector able to innovate, optimise and improve quality in vine growing and oenology.

    By combining scientific and technical training and professional experience, the philosophy of the course is to prepare the future graduates to the realities of the wine sector.

    The participation of professionals as well as the many case studies enable the students to confront the problems of the profession and make it possible for them to define their professional project.

    Among the topics, one finds

  • Economics and marketing of wine.
  • The relation between the quality of the grape and the quality of the wines - Influence of the soil.
  • Producing wines in the respect of the environment.
  • Strategies of national and international wine sectors.
  • Reasoning the training systems for a quality grape.

    Erasmus Mundus scholarship

    Only applications from ((students from countries outside the European Union)) (outside candidates for the EU) can be accepted for scholarships Erasmus Mundus ((to be filled before December 4th)).

    The Erasmus Mundus scholarship for non UE students is 24 000 euros per year.

    It is used to finance the tuition fees (8 000 euros per year) and the cost of living on site (food, housing, travel).

    Scholarships of Pays de la Loire of students in double-degree training

    Aid for these students of all nationalities (no French) can meet these conditions:

  • Be on a educational training with a bachelor level validated at the minimum.
  • be less than 30’years old.
  • Not be employed
  • Do not be a beneficiary of Erasmus mundus scolarship, Eiffel programm, General council.

  • The "Pays de la Loire scholarship" can be attributed on the first 7 months at ESA :

    Scholarship : 170 € / week for a maximum of 7 months.

    Applications to deposit with the Group ESA before March 20th for the following school year.

    A student can benefit only once during their studies French Embassy in the country of origin of the student)

  • The French embassies offer financial aid to foreign students wishing to study in France.
  • Amount : 767 € / month for 9 months + Support for tuition fees up to 6 000 € / year + social security and Insurance French housing allowance. Travelling costs are charged by student.
  • Applications to withdraw before the month of February for the following school year, with the French embassy in your country of origin or the French Institute.

    For more information and scholarship application, see: French Embassy Scholarships Program EIFFEL Scholarships

    In France, there is an Eiffel program which give access to scholarships called "Eiffel".

    These scholarships cover students from all countries coming to study in France.

    The deadline is usually in October / November.

    For more information and scholarship application: Vintage International MSc Scholarships

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