University of Mauritius Call for Proposals

The idea behind this call for proposal is to bring academics with limited policy level experienced to work with experience policy makers; and the young government employees, with limited capacity for research to work with experienced academics or experienced researchers from reputable research institutions.

These studies are intended to narrow the gap that exists between academic research and the research needed by policy makers.

Potential issues, which proposals could address, include the following:

  • Better Infrastructure and Logistics to enhance development in the region
  • Increasing exports of Services through movement of Natural Persons (Mode IV) - what should be done? Since the aim of SADC, by 2015, is to become a common market2, which would involve movement of natural person, it could be interesting for researchers to start conducting studies in this area.
  • How to attract Business Processes Outsourced by Developed Countries
  • Exports of Tourism and Medical Tourism; Synergies Among Institutions in the Country
  • The Country as an Educational Hub; What Needs to be Done?

    The potential issues indicated here are only few examples of what can be researched.

    Researchers should therefore not limit their choice to these topics alone.


    It is expected that each proposal will include the following:

  • Background:

    The policy context of the proposed research.

  • Objective(s): A statement of the specific research objectives, the issues to be addressed, and the questions that would be answered
  • Existing knowledge: A brief review of works already undertaken in the proposed context. Also the existing policy of the state on the research topic
  • Proposed Methodology: A description of the proposed research methodology; surveys, interviews, econometrics, including a discussion of data requirement and availability (and, where necessary, data collection strategy)
  • Results, value added, and policy relevance: Anticipated results and how they might contribute to knowledge, future research and especially public policy.

    Research to be conducted by Young Researchers/ Junior Policy Makers Services Sector Development in SADC and ESA Region.


  • CVs of the Team Members

  • Timeline of the proposed research, including a brief description of activities and timeline needed for each activity and the total duration of research project shall not exceed 4 months
  • Each proposed research would be headed by a either the young academic or young staff at Ministries.

    A bursary of ZAR 10,000 will be given for each selected proposal.

    These bursaries would be given to the young academics or the young government employees and the fund can be used towards funding incidental costs related to the research

    Deadline: 15th June

    For more information and application, visit: University of Mauritius Call for Proposals Website

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