Gilbert Murray Trust United Nations Research Awards

The Gilbert Murray Trust awards small amounts (up to £500) to students undertaking specific research projects on the United Nations. It does not give general funding for academic courses.

An applicant for an Award must be studying, or have studied, international relations.

International relations is understood broadly and includes, for example, international law, security studies, peace studies, development studies, and global governance.

However, it is essential that applications are relevant to the purposes and work of the United Nations.

An Award is only given to support a specific project (such as a research visit to the headquarters of an international organization, or to a particular country, or a short course at an institution abroad) which will assist the applicant in his or her study of international relations.

It should be emphasized that the awards are not intended as general financial support for the study of international affairs.

Apply to:
Secretary, GMT,
5 Warnborough Rd, Oxford.
0X2 6HZ
Tel: 44 1865 556633

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