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The European College of Liberal Arts (ECLA) offers a one-year undergraduate program in the humanities.

The academic year runs for nine months from early October to late June and is divided into three ten-week terms: Autumn, Winter and Spring.

The Academy Year program is an introduction to the theory and practice of interdisciplinary learning.

A core curriculum in philosophy, history, literature, political theory and the visual arts is team-taught by faculty with background in these disciplines.

The core course uses a lecture/seminar/tutorial format, and students learn through discussion in small groups, writing assignments and one-to-one tutorials.

The core course begins with the classic texts of ancient Greece and has a loosely chronological structure through the three terms, with particular focus on selected historical periods.

Key authors who feature in the course include Aristotle, Dante, Descartes, Dostoyevsky, Homer, Hume, Kafka, Kant, Kierkegaard, Machiavelli, Montaigne, Nietzsche, Pascal, Plato and Shakespeare.

Elective courses in a range of disciplines including art history, film theory, literary theory, music and performance art complement the core curriculum.

Students take the core course (six credits), one elective course (three credits) and one foreign language (two credits).

Students who have not mastered German are required to enroll in a German language class, while others may choose between French or Spanish.

The Seeing Berlin component of the program gives students and faculty the opportunity to explore together Berlin’s artistic and architectural treasures.

The program includes visiting the city’s many museums as well as lesser-known public and private collections and galleries.

In addition, faculty organizes visits to concerts, plays, films and lectures.

A one-week study trip to Italy complements the Winter term’s emphasis on the Renaissance.

Students prepare presentations and lead some of the excursions in a practical exercise of the kind of learning in which they engage in the classroom.

The comprehensive fee of 15.000 EUR covering tuition, accommodation and full board, the study trip, public transportation in Berlin, emergency health insurance coverage, books (on loan) and computer and Internet access, is 15.000 EUR.

ECLA has a need-based financial aid policy and is committed to giving all applicants who qualify for admission a chance to enroll, regardless of their financial means.

Financial aid packages vary in amount and are based on applicants’ demonstrated need.

There are two application deadlines: February 15th and April 30th.

For further information contact the Admissions Office at admissions [at] ecla.de For information about financial aid contact the Financial Aid Office at finaid [at] ecla.de.

Applications for the academic year are now being accepted.

Undergraduate Scholarships at European College of Liberal Arts - Undergraduate Scholarships at European College of Liberal Arts - Berlin, Germany

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