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The United States African Development Foundation provides grants of up to $250,000 in grants to community groups and small enterprises that benefit under served and marginalized groups in Africa.

Marginalized groups are people that have significant needs that are not being currently addressed by existing governments programs, NGOs, or other international development efforts.

USADF measures grant success in terms of jobs, increased incomes levels, and improved social conditions.

USADF provides funding for the following types of groups:

  • An organization formed by a group of small-scale farmers, artisans, or producers to achieve some or all of the advantages of large-scale marketing and production.

  • An organization made up of a group of people who come together to accomplish a common goal or a set of goals tailored to meet the development needs of their community.

  • An organization that works directly with very low-income people and marginalized groups.

  • A registered enterprise that employs up to 100 workers, has annual sales revenues up to $500,000, and has a business plan that impacts communities either directly within their enterprise or indirectly through supply-chain linkages.

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