UCT-CSIR's Meraka Institute Scholarships

The ICT for Earth Observation (ICT4EO) research group is focused on sensor web enablement (SWE).

The sensor web is an emerging technology that promises to revolutionise earth observation.

Research is relevant in the context of Global Earth Observing Systems of Systems (GEOSS) / South African Earth Observation Strategy (SAEOS) architecture.

The outcome of SWE will be a global network of interoperable sensors and sensor networks.

The UCT Geomatics Division is currently developing a team of postgraduate researchers who will conduct world-class research on themes related to the ICT4EO research group purpose.

Invitation of applications for scholarships for Masters or PhD researchers to join this team.

The thematic areas and research topics are intended to form the basis of a joint research agenda as conducted by UCT under the terms of an Agreement between CSIR and UCT.

Scholarships for Master's or PhD studies in the field of earth observation have been made available jointly by the University of Cape Town and the CSIR's Meraka Institute.

Interested researchers will be part of a joint team working in the domains of sensor web enablement and geomatics.


  • Applicants should have interests and experience in the following areas: Computer Programming, Geographic Information Systems Mathematical Modelling, Remote Sensing
  • Applicants for MSc studies should have completed a minimum of a 4 year BSc or 3 year BSc and Hons degrees, in either: Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Geography Geomatics or equivalent.
  • Applicants for PhD studies should have completed Masters studies in one or more of the above-mentioned disciplines.

    Deadline: 30th October

    For more information and application, visit: UCT-CSIR's Meraka Institute Scholarships Website