Travel Grants to Three Conferences in Africa

The Africa Commission Denmark is staging conferences in Maputo, Accra and Nairobi

The participants will discuss and investigate various aspects of the Commission’s focus on youth and employment.

On these conferences some 100 participants as well as members of the Africa Commission will discuss the various themes in order to provide very concrete and detailed recommendations for the further work of the Africa Commission based on input from African governments, civil society and private sector partners.

In August and September three conferences will take place:

"Women and employment” in Maputo, Mozambique, 15 August

“Youth and employment” in Accra, Ghana, 5 September

“Climate Change” in Nairobi, Kenya, 18 September

The participants will represent a broad range of actors such as youth organizations, employers’ and employee’s associations, NGO’s and networks, universities as well as representatives from ministries, international and regional organizations.

The travel grant will pay for a return ticket (economy class) to the city, hotel-accommodations, local transport and – if necessary – interpretation.

Head of Communication, Mr. Bjarke Larsen if you have any questions on
Tel: +45 33 92 03 83
Mobile: + 45 25 28 37 62

For further details, see: Travel Grants - The Africa Commission Website

For conference news, visit: APO Website