Transcontinental Travel Grants for Young Scientists

To increase the international visibility and profile of FEBS in student training and mobility, and to foster the international student exchange at FEBS events in Europe, organizers are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the possibility to attract a limited number of young scientists (PhD and Post-Docs within five years of obtaining their PhD) from Africa / Asia / North America / South America to participate in European Advanced Course / Workshop events.

For each approved Advanced Course and Workshop event, organizers can request additional special transcontinential YTF grants (TransYTF) to cover travel, registration, as well as accommodation and food for:

  • up to 2 young scientists from Africa,
  • up to 2 young scientists from South America,
  • up to 4 young scientists from Asia (incl. India, Indonesia, China & Japan)
  • up to 4 young scientists each from North America (USA/Canada)

    It is entirely at the discretion of organizer(s) to select and identify eligible candidates.

    The course organizers are thus required to select and identify appropriate candidates.

    Selection will be based on the information provided by the applicants to the organizer(s).


  • Personal data and information in which country he/she is a student
  • Of which IUBMB-associated national or international society he/she is a member
  • Present position and a keyword sentence on research interests or thesis work
  • Reason for selecting a particular course
  • One letter of recommendation from the academic supervisor or mentor
  • Letter from dean from instititute he/she is working in as a proof of institutional affiliation
  • Amount of support requested
  • Preferred modes of payment and money transfer


  • TransYTF grants can only be used to support participation in Advanced Course / Workshop events
  • Applicants for special transcontinental YTF grant from regions outside the FEBS area:
  • should be a student at an institution of higher learning in a country where there is a IUBMB-related international society such as FASBMB (Africa) / ASBMB (North America) / PABMB (South America & Canada), FAOBMB (Asia).
  • must be members of any IUBMB-related national or international societies mentioned under a.
  • must be young scientists with a PhD or be within five years of obtaining his/her PhD.
  • must not have received a TransYTF grant to attend a Course in the current year.
  • Awards will only be made to young scientist traveling from their current country of residence / work to the country hosting the Advanced Course / Workshop event.
  • Organizers are encouraged to demand letters of recommendation from the supervisor, as well as abstracts from applicants for TransYTF Grants.
  • The FEBS Treasurer will grant the awards after consulting with the responsible organizer based on the suggested list of YTF recipients provided by the organizer.
  • Only in exceptional circumstances may any of these conditions be waived.
  • All financial matters will be handled by the FEBS Treasurer.

    Deadline: 1st February and 1st August

    For more information and application, visit: Transcontinental Travel Grants for Young Scientists Website