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The purpose of training Fellowship in Public Health and Tropical Medicine is to provide researchers from developing countries, who are at an early stage in the establishment of their research careers, with opportunities for research experience and high-quality research training relevant to health in developing countries.

Fellows must be based primarily in a developing country, but training may be undertaken at centres of excellence regionally or internationally.

Research projects must be in the area of public health or tropical medicine.

Some fundamental biomedical studies are acceptable, but projects focused solely on in vitro or animal model studies will not normally be considered under this scheme.

This fellowship is normally for three years (non-renewable), but may be for up to four years for those who wish to undertake a relevant Master's training or diploma course.

Fellowships provide support that includes:

  • A basic salary for the fellow
  • Research expenses (e.g. consumables, equipment, collaborative travel, research assistance, technical support)
  • Training costs where appropriate and justified
  • A flexible funding allowance and support to attend scientific meetings.

    Who can apply?

    Fellowship candidates must be nationals or legal residents of a developing country, who are either:

  • graduates in subjects relevant to public health or tropical medicine (for example; biomedical or social science, veterinary medicine, physics, chemistry or mathematics) with a PhD and no more than three years' postdoctoral experience, or
  • medical graduates with a higher qualification equivalent to membership of the UK Royal Colleges of Physicians (i.e. qualified to enter higher specialist training) and some initial research experience.

    Non-clinical candidates who do not have a PhD but who are educated to first degree or Master's level and have research experience equivalent to a PhD, as evidenced by their publication record, may be considered.

    Due allowance will be given to those whose career has been affected, either by a late start or by interruption, for personal or family reasons.

    Applications are considered three times per year.

    A complete application form should be emailed to phatic[at]

    Please direct any enquiries to phatic[at]

    For more scholarship information and application materials, see: Training Fellowship in Public Health and Tropical Medicine

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