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Whitley Awards were developed to recognise effective leaders and communicators from around the world who are applying sustained, effective effort to conserve the natural environment.

A Whitley Award is a top nature conservation prize, designed to provide the winner with:

  • International recognition that enhances profile and credibility
  • Worldwide media visibility for their project and the issues it addresses
  • Financial support to pursue ongoing and proven conservation work
  • A supportive international network of other Whitley Award winners and Friends through which to solicit advice and support.
  • The opportunity to reapply to WFN, subject to meeting conditions of grant, for Continuation Funding in future years.

    WFN currently gives competitive grants totalling £500,000 on average per annum to previous Whitley Award winners in support of the most effective ongoing work.

    At each Whitley Award Ceremony there are up to nine Whitley Awards of £30,000 each, plus the Whitley Gold Award.

    As of the Gold Award will be awarded to a previous Whitley Award winner in recognition of outsanding achievement in the field of biodiversity conservation.

    For More Information and Application, Please Visit; The Whitley Fund for Nature Awards (WFN) Website

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