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The Whitley Award: A Whitley Award is a top nature conservation prize, designed to provide the winner with:

  • International recognition that enhances their credibility
  • Worldwide media visibility for their project
  • Financial support to pursue their ongoing conservation work
  • A supportive international network of other Whitley Award winners and Friends through which to solicit advice and support.

    At each Whitley Award Ceremony there are up to nine Whitley Awards of £30,000 each, plus the Whitley Gold Award.

    The Gold Award WFN’s top Award, worth £60,000 over two years.

    It is awarded annually to the Whitley Award winner whose work and objectives most impress the Judging Panel each year.

    The further funding provided by this Award grants a second year of funding to the Gold Award winner.

    All of the Whitley Award winners are automatically considered for the Gold Award, so there is no separate application process.

    The Whitley Awards are open to all, and applicants do not need to be nominated.

    Conservationists working anywhere in the world are welcome to apply, although there is a strong bias towards nationals working in their own countries and for projects based outside the developed world.

    We judge each application on its own merits, however, there are a number of things the Whitley Award Judging Panel are looking for in a good application.

    Deadline: 31st October.

    For more information and application, visit: The Whitley Award Website

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