The Pioneer–GCP Graduate Fellowship

The Generation Challenge Programme (GCP), in collaboration with Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. (Pioneer), are seeking another round of applications for the Pioneer–GCP Graduate Fellowship programme.

The Pioneer–GCP Graduate Fellowship supports graduate studies in plant breeding and genetics.

The programme targets top performers who will advance plant science, with emphasis on international agriculture.

It is financially supported by Pioneer and implemented by GCP's Subprogramme 5 (Capacity-building and enabling delivery).

Selection Criteria:

• Proven academic excellence in disciplines related to plant breeding.

• Candidates must already hold a BSc or MSc in a relevant field, and be looking to further develop their knowledge and skills through a graduate-level programme.

• Proposed study programme/area: Candidates must be working on GCP crops that are also of interest to Pioneer.

• Candidates must already have been accepted for a graduate-level programme (eg. Masters or PhD) at a recognised plant breeding institution, and should be due to start the course in the first quarter (January–March).

Proof of acceptance will be required.


• Demonstrated interest in improving agriculture in developing countries.

• Candidates who desire to remain in, or return to, their country of origin and contribute to agricultural development.

• Priority to candidates from developing countries that lack a strong agronomic education base.

• Members of the Pioneer–GCP Fellowship Committee are not eligible to apply, or to write a letter of support.

Application Deadline: 30th June

For more information and application,visit: The Pioneer–GCP Graduate Fellowship Website

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