The Music Design Awards

The Music Design Awards is a new international awards competition that aims to seek out and celebrate the work of designers, worldwide, and reward them with silver awards in 11 project categories, across 5 key music genre groupings.

There are gold awards for the leading music design houses in continental or sub-continental regions, and one ultimate accolade for the Music Design Award of the Year.

Instant reaction to a project entitled the Music Design Awards dwells on print work: sleeves, CD and DVD covers, and the like.

But design for the music world is deeper and broader than that.

The Music Design Awards will, of course, recognize excellence in vinyl, CD or DVD art, but they will also recognize live stage show design, video design and art direction, marketing and advertising design, merchandise, clothing design, music applications and music publishing.

All together, 10 project categories across 5 music genre groupings.

Plus, an Integrated category in each Genre, for any music design project that included three or more design activities.

The Music Design Awards are international, with 7 top awards for the best work from each continent or sub-continent, to ensure that design houses in mature markets do not win everything in sight.

There’s also a top award for the very best Music Design Award of the Year, which may be awarded by the judges to a project, a team, a design practice, or a client company.


  • The Music Design Awards are open to any designer or design team creating work used by the music industry during the eligibility period.

  • Any designer, design team or design consultancy will be allowed to enter the awards if the activity described in the submission took place between April 1st and September 30th.

  • Reference may be made to prior periods if it helps the judges to view the activity in context, but entries will not be judged on past glories.

  • In some instances, it is understood that a PR or advertising agency may enter on behalf of a client or design house, and this is perfectly acceptable, provided all relevant participants are credited in the submission PDF.

    The organizers reserve the right to retain entries for subsequent publication, both on - and offline in ways that enhance the standing of entrants, supporting partners and the Music Design Awards themselves.

    Descriptions of submissions from winners and runners-up will be published in connection with the Music Design Awards.

    Deadline: 31st October

    For more information and application, visit: The Music Design Awards Website

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