The Hodgson Law Scholarships, LLM Scholarships & PhD Scholarships in UK

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The Hodgson Law Scholarships, LLM Scholarships & PhD Scholarships in UK

The Hodgson Law Scholarships - UK LLM Scholarships & UK PhD Law Scholarships

These Scholarships have been initiated after the death of Elizabeth Hodgson pursuant to the Hodgson Will Trust.

The Hodgson Trustees have resolved to set up a scheme of Hodgson Law Scholars to be selected through a Selection Committee.

The Committee will choose two or more Hodgson Law Scholars each year from applicants from colleges and universities worldwide.

Scholars will attend the Liverpool Law School at the University of Liverpool or the School of Law at Liverpool John Moores University and pursue a postgraduate degree in law.

Accordingly, applications are sought from talented law students who wish to study full-time at the University of Liverpool or Liverpool John Moores University for a post-graduate degree in law.

Applicants may be of any age but the applicants’ undergraduate qualifications must provide a sufficient basis for their further study in the proposed field.

The Hodgson Law Scholarships for LLM

LLM Scholars will be elected for one year full time study. The LLM Scholarship application is a separate and distinct application from the application for a place on the postgraduate degree course.

Before applying for a Scholarship, you must first apply to the Liverpool University Selection Committee for a scholarship connected to a place at Liverpool University or to the Liverpool John Moores University Selection Committee for a scholarship connected with a place at Liverpool John Moores University.

The Hodgson Law Scholarships are not available to applicants who are legal residents of the European Union, including the United Kingdom, and Hodgson Law Scholars will be ineligible to apply for other scholarships or bursaries at the University of Liverpool or Liverpool John Moores University.

All University tuition fees will be paid on the Hodgson Law Scholars’ behalf by the Hodgson Trustees.

In addition, each Hodgson Law Scholar will receive a maintenance allowance of £9,140 as a contribution towards their living expenses in the United Kingdom.

The Hodgson Law Scholarships for PhD in Law

The Hodgson Doctoral Research Scholarship is open to high calibre graduates with personal, intellectual and inter-personal qualities necessary for leadership.

The Hodgson Doctoral Research Scholars will be elected for three years full time research.

Applications for the Hodgson Doctoral Research Scholarships should be made direct to Liverpool University or to Liverpool John Moores University.

For more information and application details, see; The Hodgson Law Scholarships - LLM Scholarships - PhD Law Scholarships UK

University of Liverpool Hodgson Law Scholarships - University of Liverpool LLM Scholarships - University of Liverpool PhD Law Scholarships UK

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