The Hodgkin Scholarship

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The Hodgkin Scholarship: The Hodgkin Scholarship is given to students from Developing Countries where they cannot receive higher education for political or social reasons.

The scholarship is for study at the University of Bristol. The university waives the tuition fees if the costs of accommodation and transport are met by the Hodgkin Scholarship Fund.

Hodgkin scholars are usually expected, after their year at Bristol, to impart their knowledge to their fellow countrymen.

The scholarship helps Developing Countries find solutions by themselves for the problems facing them.

The Hodgkin Scholarship Fund is aimed for outstanding people of the developing world who, for political or social reasons, cannot pursue a higher education in their home countries.

The scholarship offers very talented students the opportunity to develop their skills and implement them where they are most needed, within their own communities.

Most often, a Hodgkin Scholar will be a refugee who, for a certain amount of time, will not be allowed to return to their own country.

For more information about the Hodgkin Scholarship email;
developingcountries-ubu [at]

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