The Earth Journalism Awards

The Earth Journalism Awards honour those in the media (professional journalists and citizen journalists/bloggers) who use their communication skills and influence to promote awareness of and provide new insight into climate change issues - whether it be in their region or in relation to certain key themes - through the production of powerful and eye-opening news and current affairs reports.

Seven regional awards will be given out, along with seven thematic awards, all of which are described below.

In addition, the winning stories will be posted on the Internet so that the public may vote on the best story of all, which will then be deemed the winner of a special Global Public Award.

Environmental print, radio, TV and online journalists, photojournalists and bloggers (and creative youth for the MTV Positive Change Award) from all countries are invited and encouraged to participate in the awards competition

All participants are eligible to submit a story for one of the following thematic awards:

  • The Climate Change and Energy Award will be given to the best story on issues connecting climate change and energy

  • The Climate Change Adaptation Award will be given to the best story on efforts to adapt to climate change.

  • The Climate Change and Forests Award will be given to the best story on issues connecting climate change and forests, and the key role that protecting tropical forests can play in tackling global warming.

  • The Climate Change Negotiations Award will be given out to the best story focusing on the diplomacy of climate change.

  • The Human Voices Award will be given to the best representation of the human and social dimensions of climate change.

  • Applicants for the MTV Positive Change Award must be born between December 31 and January 1, but there is no professional requirement to apply for this award.

    The winner could be a journalist, a student or simply a concerned citizen.

    The winning submission should be in any format or in a mix of formats (e.g. video, audio, photography, script, music etc) and should communicate in an imaginative, arresting and compelling way a sense of what we have achieved or can achieve to improve our immediate environment or the global environment, when we put our minds to it.

    Creativity will be especially prized during the consideration of this award.

    Competition for this specific award will be open from June 22.

  • Regional awards will be given out to the best climate change stories in each of the following seven regions: 1) Sub-Saharan Africa; 2) the Middle East and North Africa; 3) South Asia; 4) East Asia and the Pacific; 5) Eurasia; 6) Latin America and the Caribbean; 7) North America, the EC, Australia and New Zealand.

    Application Deadline: 7th September

    For more information and application, visit: The Earth Journalism Awards Website

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