The Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund

The Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF) is a US$50-100m private sector fund, backed by some of the biggest names in development finance and hosted by the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA).

Our aim is to encourage private sector companies to compete for like-for-like investment support for their new and innovative business ideas.

The AECF (the “fund”) is a competition, open only to for-profit private companies which have, or intend to, start business enterprises in Sub-Saharan Africa in the field of agriculture, agri-business, rural financial services and media and information services to these sectors.

The fund will run a number of competitions each year for 6 years.


The AECF provides grants and repayable grants (zero interest loans) up to a maximum of USD $1.5m per company (the average grant size will be US$D750, 000) to the most innovative proposals that are adjudged to have the greatest impact on the largest number of rural poor people.

The minimum the AECF can provide to a single company is USD$ 250,000.


  • The applicant must be a fully registered and licenced for-profit company.

  • In exceptional cases the AECF will fund new businesses where there is strong evidence that the new company has credible investors and demonstrable capacity to implement the project.

  • The Company/applicant must at least match (in cash or kind) the AECF's contribution.

  • The business idea must be innovative (a new product, service or business model in an existing market or an existing product, service or business model in a new market, country, geographical area or target group).

  • The funds requested from the AECF must be additional. i.e. the project would not take place, or would not take place at the same size or scale, without AECF funding.

  • The business idea must have the potential to be commercially viable so that benefits can be sustained beyond the period of AECF support.

  • The business idea/project must benefit large numbers of people living in rural areas in Africa.

  • Ideally all projects supported by the AECF should contribute to some level of systemic change in the market system in which the project/business idea takes place.

  • The objective is to leave behind market systems that work better for the rural poor rather than helping a single company to do better business.

  • All applicants must register on-line through the AECF website.

    Deadline: 15th July

    For more information and application, visit: The Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund Website

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