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The AME Awards for Advertising & Marketing Effectiveness was established in 1994 to recognize creative and successful marketing strategies across all industry verticals.

An award-winning campaign addresses a challenge in the marketplace, utilizes outstanding creative elements, and incorporates a thorough marketing plan to deliver a successful execution.

The AME Awards announced for the first time that the competition will now award winners both regionally and internationally.

All entries must be executed between July 31, and November 15.

No entry that has reached the Finalist level in a prior AME competition is eligible for re-entry.

Entries that are submitted in a language other than English MUST have English subtitles, captions or be accompanied by a digital text file of the translation.

No paper printouts of the translation will be accepted.

If you are submitting your entry via CD/DVD, translations must also be submitted on the CD/DVD.

The AME Awards recognize outstanding creative and successful marketing strategies.

The AME Green Award will honor the entry that meets the objectives of a company whose emphasis is on resource conservation and reducing any negative impact to the environment.

Deadline: 28th September

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For more information and application, visit: The AME Awards Website

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