Technology for Integrated Water Management Scholarships

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Technology for Integrated Water Management Scholarships: Technology for Integrated Water Management’ focuses on understanding the water system and on applying technology to enhance integrated water management and –policy.

The programme aims to improve the understanding of concepts and systems and enhances knowledge regarding tools and technologies. This will enable innovative planning and action from a new perspective and approach.

This programme exists of 3 parts:

  • The first part is focusing on the current state of knowledge regarding global water problems, integrated water management and integrated risk assessment.
  • The second part focuses on technologies for industrial and ecological water usage.
  • The third part offers an integration of all gained knowledge and confronts the student with several modelling aspects in a river basin management framework. The integrated approach demonstrates the interdependencies between the different subsystems which allows the student to think in river basin scale including all its aspects.

    Admission requirements:

  • Candidates hold a master degree (or equivalent) in sciences, applied sciences, applied biological sciences or nautical sciences.
  • Candidates should be working preferably in the field of water management, water purification or water treatment. The candidates should have a good overview of water issues in the area they are living or working in. This overview will be used during the course.
  • Candidates should be working at a University, research institute, NGO or governmental institute. People working for private companies cannot apply for this scholarship.
  • Applicants must show strong institutional support from their employer. The applicant’s employer should state his support with an official letter.
  • Preferably between 25 and 45 years.
  • The working language of the course is English. In order to assure active participation, a good command of English in all aspects (spoken, written and comprehension) is a prerequisite.
  • Candidates who received their university education in English must provide an official certificate stating that the language of instruction was English.
    For more information and application, see: Technology for Integrated Water Management Scholarships

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