TFD International Visiting Fellowship

Every year, the TFD will award a select number of International Visiting Fellowships to experienced and distinguished democracy and human rights practitioners.

International Visiting Fellows may reside in Taiwan for up to one year to carry out in-depth research related to Taiwan’s democratic and human rights development or to engage in projects designed to aid Taiwan’s democratic and human rights development.

The TFD encourages International Visiting Fellows to establish contact and network with Taiwan’s relevant nongovernmental organizations to encourage the development of cooperative international projects and to support research and writing of those working in the field of democracy assistance.


  • The International Visiting Fellowship is geared towards experienced practitioners devoted to the promotion and building of democracy and human rights.
  • When submitting an application for an International Visiting Fellowship, please remember that in making its decision, the TFD considers the relevance of the proposed research topic to the mission of the TFD, the potential contributions that the research can make to the field of human rights or democracy, and the experience and qualifications of the applicant.
  • As the International Visiting Fellowship is designed for foreign scholars and practitioners, Taiwanese citizens are not eligible to apply.

    Fellowship Award:

  • The TFD awards all International Visiting Fellows with a monthly stipend designed to assist with living expenses in Taiwan.
  • In addition, the TFD will reimburse all International Visiting Fellows who are outside of Taiwan at the time their fellowships begin for the cost of one round-trip plane ticket to Taiwan.
  • The TFD will provide business cards for all International Visiting Fellows and will provide limited, shared office space.

    Deadline: Throughout

    For more information and application, visit: TFD International Visiting Fellowship Website