TDR Institution Strengthening Grants

TDR invites letters of interest (LOI) of proposals for Institution Strengthening Grants based on relevance to the TDR target diseases; African trypanosomiasis, Chagas disease, Dengue, Leishmaniasis, Leprosy, Lymphatic filariasis, Malaria, Onchocerciasis, Schistosomiasis and Tuberculosis, and on the populations and country in which the institution is located.

Selection will be based on the recommendation of a scientific research advisory committee (the Research Strengthening Group - RSG) after a review.

Institutions in countries where the TDR target diseases are endemic are eligible to submit a LOI.

The proposed project should be designed to enhance one or more of the following:

• Research skills and competences;

• Capacity to manage and lead research projects at individual and institutional levels;

• Institutional and individual capacity to provide quality assurance, good laboratory standards, and ethical review;

• Actions to identify and address threats to good public health.


Public health, research or academic institutions in DECs may apply.

The letter of intent should be submitted by the Principal Investigator who will be responsible for the project (consisting of the Research, Capacity Building and Partnership components).

The Principal Investigator must:

• Have a PhD or equivalent higher degree;

• Be a DEC national residing in a DEC;

• Be employed in the DEC institution where the grant will be based;

• Have experience in research evidenced by peer reviewed scientific publications in the subject matter of the proposed research.

How to apply:

Selection of institutions to be supported will involve a two step process:

• The first step is the call for a LOI to submit a grant application.

• Each letter of interest (LOI) will be evaluated based on scientific merit and relevance of the concept, the potential contribution to development of sustainable research capacity and leadership in the host country and feasibility of the proposed work.

The 10 most promising LOI will be invited to be further developed by the investigators at a workshop in Abuja, Nigeria.

• The second step is then a re-submission of the proposal to TDR.

Deadline: 15 June

For more information and application,visit: TDR Institution Strengthening Grants Website