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The TBA Postgraduate Scholarships: MSc scholarships for Africa nationals provided by the Tropical Biology Association.

The TBA Postgraduate Scholarships are annually offered by the Tropical Biology Association to its African alumni which are funded through a consortium of TBA funders.

The scholarships are to help African alumni undertake postgraduate studies after they have attended TBA courses.

They are part of the TBA alumni follow up support programme designed to promote human resource development and strengthen professional expertise among African biologists in biodiversity conservation and research.

Subjects covered: Biological Sciences, Botany/Plant Science, Cell Biology, Environmental Science/Ecology, Molecular Biology.

The TBA Postgraduate scholarship programme is designed so that fellows may study in any country or institution that best meets their academic needs.

However, applications to study at an African institution providing suitable study programmes will be given priority.

Scholarship Eligibility:

  • Applicants must be nationals from Africa who have attended a TBA course.
  • Applicants must pursue a postgraduate degree that will directly enhance their research and conservation skills that is relevant to their own country.
  • Funding is provided to African nationals only.
  • Application forms can be downloaded from the TBA website.
  • A copy of acceptance letter to a university programme must also be included, or documentation indicating the applicant has applied for Master's study or its equivalentas well as additional paperwork detailed on the TBA website.

    Application Deadline: 30th April.

    For more scholarship information and application, see: TBA Postgraduate Scholarships for African Students Website

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