Swiss Re International ReSource Award

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Swiss Re International ReSource Award: Swiss Re, one of the world’s leading reinsurers with its corporate headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, annually announces the International ReSource Award for Sustainable Watershed Management as part of its corporate responsibility programme.

It identifies water as a crucial resource necessary for the well being and health of humans and nature, but it continues to face threat due to various factors such as increasing demand for its consumption and climate change that could result in disasters for food production, health, environment and economic development.

The International ReSource Award for Sustainable Management “expresses the company’s commitment to planning, evaluating and realisation of water-related projects and aims to promote awareness and the efficient use of this precious resource.” It “is an internationally recognised prize for leadership in implementing the principles of sustainability in watershed management.”

The Award carries a cash of US $150,000 that could be awarded as a grant for one or several projects selected by an international jury through this open competition.

The prize money is used exclusively for implementing the project activities, but not for strengthening the organization.

To apply for the award, application forms and guidelines can be downloaded for the Swiss Re’s website.

Applications should clearly outline information about the project including the objectives, major activities and milestones, project plan including major budget items, implementation schedule, composition and references of the project team and the institutional set up.

The assessment criteria will include:

  • Expected impact regarding the ecological, economical and social dimension
  • Innovation
  • Involvement of local communities and institutions
  • Feasibility and governance of the project’s implementation
  • Financial structure and economic viability
  • Selected applicants will be further requested for submitting full proposals and a second phase selection process will take place.

    The deadline for initial submissions for the ReSource Award is 30 April. For more information and scholarship application see; Swiss Re International ReSource Award More: NGO Awards » Award Grants » Internationals Awards