Sustainable Housing Scholarships

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Sustainable Housing Scholarships: Futuris Foundation offers scholarships for students who are interested in studying and researching the field of Sustainable Housing.

The Sustainable Housing Scholarships is intended as support for young researchers to accomplish one of the three next goals:

1) obtain a masters degree at one of the programs of the University of Antwerp;

2) prepare for a PhD trajectory during a one-year probational PhD program;

3) conceive and realize a personal research project in the field of sustainable housing.

Students from developing countries will be considered with priority.

The Sustainable Housing Scholarships are awarded for the duration of one academic year, with a maximum of three years for a successful student originating from developing countries including at least one year at a university in the home country.

The monthly allowance for studying at the University of Antwerp is determined at 850 euros per month.

The enrolment fee for a master’s course shall be provided. Travel costs (ticket, visa, insurance) can be reimbursed up to a reasonable amount.

Complete application forms should be mailed to: Futuris Scientific Committee, Universiteit Antwerpen, CDE – P.001, Universiteitsplein 1, BE-2610 Antwerp, Belgium. E-mail: sarah.verberckmoes [at]

Applications should arrive before April 1st each year.

For further details, and application materials, contact: Sustainable Housing Scholarships

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