PhD Scholarship - Structural and Functional Analysis of Chromosome Segregation

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London Research Institute Cancer Research UK lab is interested in the molecular mechanisms of eukaryotic chromosome segregation and their control during mitosis and meiosis.

They aim to elucidate details of the processes involved via structural analysis of key proteins using X-ray crystallography, combined with suitable biochemical and biophysical studies for functional analysis.

A particular area of interest for us is the kinetochore, the large proteinaceous structure responsible for maintaining attachment between the spindle microtubules and chromosomes.

The kinetochore is responsible for maintaining attachment to the highly dynamic microtubule ends, as well as generating the spindle checkpoint to ensure that the cells do not prematurely enter anaphase.

The kinetochore may be divided in to a number of sub-complexes, many of which have undetermined composition and functions.

By determining the structures of these complexes and identifying other binding partners, we hope to address some of these questions.

They are also interested in the modulation of cohesion and kinetochore function during meiosis. Here, a single round of DNA replication is followed by two rounds of chromosome segregation.

In some details, the process is similar to mitosis, but there are also important differences, many of which relate to the kinetochore and mode of sister chromatid cohesion.

Proteins involved in protecting cohesion, and promoting mono-orientation of kinetochores have been cloned and initial characterisation is underway in preparation for structural studies.

Applications in any other format will not be accepted.

Department Head: Dr Richard Treisman (Director of the LRI) Application Enquiries to: Research Manager (Graduate).

For more information and application, see: PhD Scholarship - Structural and Functional Analysis of Chromosome Segregation

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