State Scholarships Foundation

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The State Scholarships Foundation (Ι.Κ.Υ.) is offering up to 70 scholarships to nationals of the Balkan and Eastern European countries (non-member states of the European Union), Asia, Africa and Latin America for studies in Greece beginning in the academic year.

In particular, the scholarships will be offered for:

  • Postgraduate Studies as follows:

    Doctorate (Ph.D.) for 1 year up to four 4 years.

    Second Master for 1 year up to three 3 years.

    Postdoctoral research studies for 6 months up to one 1 year.

  • Further education in the Greek Language, Literature, Philosophy, History and Art for professors of Greek at foreign Universities, for 6 months up to one 1 year.
  • Attendance of seminars for specialization in the Fine Arts, for one 1 year up to 2 years.
  • Collection of research data for applicants who are conducting Ph.D. studies in their country, for one 1 year.

    Applicants are allowed to apply for only one category of scholarship.


    Applicants should:

  • Be nationals of the Balkan and Eastern European countries (non-member states of the European Union), Asia, Africa and Latin America.
  • Hold a graduate degree from a foreign University.
  • Hold a first postgraduate degree from a foreign or a Greek University (Master’s or equivalent).

    This postgraduate degree is not a prerequisite for those applying for specialization in the Fine Arts, collection of research data or for those who are legally residents in Greece whilst undertaking Ph.D. studies.

  • Have an excellent knowledge of English or French.
  • Not exceed thirty-five (35) years of age except for the medical doctors who must not exceed forty (40) years of age, the postdoctoral applicants who must not exceed forty five (45) years of age and the applicants for further education who must not exceed fifty five (55) years of age.
  • Have never been scholarship holders of the I.K.Y.
  • Have only foreign citizenship (not both foreign and Greek). For all the above mentioned, applicants are required to provide supporting documentation. Priority will be given to applicants who:
  • Have already established a contact with a Greek University / Professor before applying.
  • Have knowledge of the Greek language. Terms: All scholarships provide:
  • 600,00 euros plus taxes for initial expenses.
  • Tuition fees plus taxes for the School of Modern Greek Language (provided only during the first year of the scholarship).
  • Free medical care in public hospitals in case of emergency. The submission deadline for applications is May 29
    For more information and application, visit: State Scholarships Foundation
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