Sponsorship of Needy Students

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The National Industrial Training Council (NITC) through the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) wishes to continue its contribution towards addressing gender disparity in technical/engineering courses:

Through an affirmative action, the NITC would like to continue its programme of sponsoring needy female students in engineering disciplines in various Public Technical Training Institutions.

Training opportunities at Certificate level are clustered in the following disciplines:

(i) Mechanical

(ii) Automotive

(iii) Land Surveying

(iv) Electrical and Electronics

(v) Agricultural Engineering

(vi) Building/Civil EngineeringApplicants should have willingness to learn and an aptitude towards technical career development in addition to the following minimum academic.


  • KCSE – Minimum of D + (Plus) and MUST have done Physics.

    Those who meet the above requirements (females only) should:

    (i) Justify in not more than three hundred (300) hand written words why they deserve the training and the sponsorship.

    (ii) Apply using the guideline below.

    Nairobi attaching photocopies of Certificates and National Identity Card.

    (iii) Select any two courses from two different disciplines of your choice.

  • Name

  • Date of birth

  • District

  • Parents ( father alive? mother alive? number of siblings)

  • Postal Address and Code, Telephone No. Parent/Guardian)
  • KCSE performance > Mean grade, English, Mathematics, Physics
  • Preferred Course > choose two different courses in two different disciplines (Mechanical: Welding and Fabrication, Plant Engineering, Production Engineering, Refrigeration and Air conditioning) (Agricultural Engineering: Construction Plant Mechanics, Agricultural Engineering) (Electrical: Installation, Electronics) (Automotive: Motor Vehicle Mechanics, Plant Mechanics, Motor Vehicle Electrician) (Surveying) (Building/Civil: Plumbing/and Building Services, Carpentry and Joinery, Masonry, Road Construction)
  • Previous training
  • Any other relevant information

    If an orphan, or living in special circumstances attach written evidence from your area chief

  • Signature and date.
    Deadline is 10th September.

    Submit to the Director of Industrial Training,

    P.O. BOX 74494 – 00200,


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