Sponsor a Student

Sponsor a student: Here at Advance Africa, we have sponsored hundreds of students with the assistance of our donors. Typical cases of students we are currently helping and or are keen to help include:

  • Girls rescued from early marriages
  • Girls rescued from sexual exploitation and abuse
  • Girls rescued from female genital mutilation (FGM) practices
  • Handicapped children
  • Orphans

    You can decide to help a student in various ways.

    One option is to sponsor a student and assist in paying school fees. Another option is to donate an amount, which can be distributed over various students or can be used towards personal items, towards educational materials, or other events. The cost to sponsor one secondary school boarding student for a full academic year is $1000 USD. The cost includes tuition fees, meals, and dormitory accommodation.

    You can choose to support a student in full or support in paying school fees partially. You can also sponsor a student for one year or until they complete their secondary education.

    How to Choose a Student

    You can request male or female, able or handicapped, or you may allow us to choose the most needy student. You can contact us for a list of the students with the highest need and greatest potential. From this list you can choose the student you would like to sponsor.

    How to Donate

    To donate, please send information about your donation through contact form. Please include:

    1. Your Name

    2. Your Address

    3. Your E-mail

    4. What you would like to donate towards

    5. The amount

    Thank you for considering sponsoring students and offering support to Advance Africa. Your support will greatly motivate and enhance a student’s life.

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