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Special Scholarships in Engineering: Every year in April and October, the Kochi University of Technology enrolls selected foreign doctoral students under specific research projects.

The students pursue the doctoral course in English while at the same time assisting their host professor as a research assistant (RA).

Through this program Kochi University of Technology wishes to expand and deepen international ties with academic and educational institutions all over the world.

Application Guideline for Special Scholarship Program (SSP)

1. Program of Study

Course for International Students

Doctoral Program (3 years)

Department of Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering

2. Number of Students to be Admitted: 20 students per year

3. Enrollment Time: April/October


(1) Receive up to 1,200, 000 yen per year for working as a research assistant.

(2) Exemption from 300,000 yen enrollment fee, 940,000 yen (per year) tuition fee, 150,000 yen (per year) fee for facilities improvement and 150,000yen (per year) cost of experiments and laboratory work.

(3) Receive 200,000 yen for travel and initial living costs (given only to applicants who are living outside Japan at the time of application)

Scholarship Eligibility:

Applicants are required to meet all of the following conditions

(1) To have or to be expected to acquire a master’s degree before enrollment.

(2) To have intention, adequate knowledge and research skill to work as a research assistant under the one of research projects listed here

(3) To have an excellent academic record

(4) To have a high English proficiency

(5) To be 35 years old or under at the time of enrollment

(6) To have other than Japanese nationality.

All inquiries and application documents must be addressed to: International Relations Center, Kochi University of Technology, Tosayamada. Kochi. 782-8502. Japan. Tel: +81 887 53 1130. Fax: +81 887 57 2000. E-mail: international[at]ml.kochi-tech.ac.jp

Enrollment Time: April/October.

For further details, and application materials, contact: Special Scholarships in Engineering

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