Small project grant

The purpose of the Small project grant is to meet the direct costs of a modest research project falling within the objectives of the Wellcome Trust's Biomedical Ethics Programme, where such expenses cannot be met by the applicant's host institution.

Principal applicants should be based in a developing country. Coapplicants may be based in a developing country or in the UK/Republic of Ireland. Applicants must normally hold an established academic post in a university or other institution of higher education.

Applicants from non-academic institutions may be considered; in such cases, the office will investigate eligibility criteria. In exceptional circumstances, where the principal applicant is not in receipt of salary funding, he or she may apply for his or her salary to be included on the grant.

In these circumstances, a sponsor must guarantee that the necessary resources will be made available to the principal applicant. The sponsor must hold an established post in the host institution and his or her source of salary must be acceptable to the Trust.

Small project grants usually run for six months to a year. Applicants may wish to consider small project grants for pilot or capacity development projects, for example.

If the intended amount to be requested for a small project grant falls under £20 000, preliminary applications can be made at any time.

Salaries and associated costs for research assistants and other project support staff, such as interviewers and field workers, are available.

Where the application contains a request to cover the costs of employing a research assistant, the individual must be identified in the application and his or her CV included.

Also available are funds to cover travel, equipment and other expenses essential for the research.

A set amount for the principal applicant and any research assistants to attend conferences, seminars and other meetings of a relevant scholarly nature is also provided.

How to apply:

Preliminary applications can be made at any time and should include:

  • the applicant's name and contact details
  • CVs of the applicant and any coapplicants
  • the title and a brief outline (one page maximum) of the project, including expected outcomes and target audience
  • approximate costs.

    Preliminary applications are reviewed for eligibility and full application forms are sent if eligibility criteria are met.


    Awards are made throughout the year.


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