Small Ecological Project Grants

Small Ecological Project (SEPG) Grants are given to promote all aspects of ecological research and ecological survey.

The grant can be used to enable ecologists to travel from the United Kingdom or Eire to a third country, or vice versa, for the purposes of research where alternative sources of funding are inadequate.

There are no restrictions on where applicants come from or where they carry out their research work.

These grants are given to people and not to organisations.

SEPGs are only open to current BES members and to applicants applying from a country classified as having a 'Low or Lower-Middle-Income economies' according to the World Bank categorization.

Funding is not available for work that will form part of a higher degree thesis.

Where research is associated with a funded post-doctorate position, the relationship of the research to the position needs to be made explicit in the application.

The research should be distinct from timetabled teaching activities and should primarily have been planned and organised by the applicant.

If you are an undergraduate and you want to spend part or all of your vacation undertaking an SEPG or any other independent ecological research project but cannot afford to do so, you may also apply for an Undergraduate Ecological Project Support Grant.

The grant covers up to a maximum of £1000 for travel costs and up to a maximum of £1,500 for other expenses.

Deadline: 1st April and 1st November

For more information and application, visit: Small Ecological Project Grants Website

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