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Sexualities Research Grant Program: International Association for the Study of Sexuality, Culture and Society (IASSCS), in association with Ford Foundation, invites applications for Sexualities Research Grant Program.

IASSCS was founded to provide a forum for the interdisciplinary and cross-cultural studies of sexuality and to address the fragmentation of studies in sexuality.

Today, IASSCS works to strengthen the field of social and cultural sexuality research globally.

It is committed to a broad range of research activities and aims to strengthen communication among researchers, policy makers, and activists.

The current small research grants program is for researchers, with the objective to promote research capacity development and research dissemination.

This initiative is in line with IASSCS’ mission to strengthen research and research capacity globally in socio-cultural dimensions of sexuality, with special attention to countries where sexuality research is not well-developed.

With financial support from the Ford Foundation, this initiative represents an important opportunity to strengthen IASSCS’ role and presence as an international research capacity-building institution.

The IASSCS Research Grant Program

Currently, 10 small grants are being offered to early career researchers in each of the five regions constituting the Association. These grants are intended to develop research in, or related to, the Global South and to encourage diverse methodological approaches to understanding sexuality.

The newly formed IASSCS Research Development and Training Committee will oversee the program This research grants program will:

  • Assist early career researchers in the: Completion of a graduate degree, the subject of which focuses on sexuality-related issues, or Undertaking of research that contributes to the strengthening of research capacity within their organisation
  • Support and encourage early career researchers to share their research results, and broaden knowledge on sexuality issues at an international level.
  • Support the development of social and cultural approaches to sexuality research in the five regions constituting the Association, prioritizing the Global South
  • Promote the development of diverse methodological and theoretical approaches to understanding sexuality.

    Grant Provisions

    Successful applicants will receive:

  • Minimum of USD 3,000 to maximum-5,000 USD;
  • Mentoring from experienced researchers in the sexuality field as part of the IASSCS Conference Abstract Mentoring Program;
  • Venue for dissemination and/or publication of research results at the next IASSCS conferences.

    Expected Results

    All grant recipients will be expected to present their research findings at IASSCS conferences.

    In preparation for submission of the research abstract to the conference program committee, the IASSCS Conference Abstract Mentoring Program will provide feedback on the draft abstract.

    IASSCS will also give each grantee a registration fee waiver for the chosen IASSCS Conference if their abstract has been submitted on time and has been accepted by the Conference Program Committee. Further, a maximum of USD500 of the grant money can be used towards conference attendance costs.

    Application deadline: January 5

    Follow the links below for more details and application contacts.

    For more information and application details; see Sexualities Research Grant Program

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