Senior Scientist in Animal Breeding

ISAR is the Rwanda National Agricultural Research Institute whose mandate is to develop and disseminate agricultural technology with high potential productivity while improving the quality of environment.

Job Description:

The animal breeding specialist will be expected do the following:

  • Revise and improve the National Breeding Plan;
  • Coordinate research/ development in animal breeding;
  • Implement research projects that meet national priorities ;
  • Supervise research activities on the management of animal breeding and genetics in Rwanda ;
  • Ensure research on reproduction physiology for local cow races in Rwanda ;
  • Supervise research on oestrus cycle characterisation and post-portum cycle return for local cow races;
  • Implement research projects on the improvement of success rate for artificial insemination in Rwanda ;
  • Conduct research projects on embryo transfer, namely the preparation of donors and recipients and super-ovulation programme ;
  • Ensure the training of technical staff on in vivo collection of embryos, identification of transferable embryos, embryo transfer in recipients and embryo freezing
  • Ensure timely publication of research / development results and a great visibility of ISAR ;
  • Ensure scientific mentorship for younger researchers from livestock unit;
  • Ensure the training of technical staff from partners ( Projects, Ministries, private sector, farmers’ associations) in animal breeding and genetics;
  • Strengthen partnership with excellent institutions, laboratories and regional organisations and international in research/ development for animal reproduction and with key farmers’ associations, private sector and projects involved in cattle keeping in Rwanda ;
  • Identify infrastructure and equipment required for the modernisation of research in animal breeding and genetics;
  • Write competitive research proposals to be submitted to available grants at national, regional and international levels;
  • Identify key journals on research/ development of animal reproduction and subscription procedures;


  • PhD in Animal breeding and genetics,
  • At least five years experience in agricultural research, with animal breeding and genetics as a core
  • At least three years experience in research management,
  • Very good command of computer, data management and information systems management
  • Strong publication background in internationally recognised journals in the area of animal breeding and genetics
  • Ability and proved experience in mentoring young scientists
  • Proven experience in resources mobilisation for research activities.

    Deadline: 11th October

    For more information and application, visit: Senior Scientist in Animal Breeding Website