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SPRING Accelerator: SPRING is a pioneering accelerator that provides finance, world-class mentors, and technical expertise to businesses that can improve the lives of adolescent girls.

An estimated 250 million adolescent girls live in poverty worldwide, unable to build assets or safely raise the income needed for a more prosperous life. SPRING identifies and supports ventures that can bring life-enhancing products and services to this huge population.

We help high-potential products and services reach scale where they otherwise might struggle or fail by offering entrepreneurs support with business innovation, design, finance, marketing, and more.

SPRING is a 5-year programme backed by 3 of the most influential and innovative organisations in the world: the UK’s Department for International Development, the Nike Foundation, and USAID.

SPRING assists businesses with products or services that help adolescent girls do one or more of the following:

  • Generate income
  • Save time or labour, giving girls more time to study or secure employment
  • Save and invest their earnings and assets
  • Feel safe and secure

    SPRING Targets

  • Businesses with girls as an existing or potential target market
  • Businesses that have been generating revenue for a minimum of 1 year
  • Businesses with current operations in Kenya, Uganda, or Rwanda or new operations by the start of the accelerator programme in May 2015

    Join SPRING. Take your business to the next level with an unrivaled network of mentors, investors, and advisers.

    Entrepreneurs may submit applications until 16 March 2015.

  • Get the funding you need to grow your business
  • Learn from top mentors, investors, experts, and advisers
  • Accelerate and prototype your product, service, and business model
  • Enhance the impact of your products and services for girls

    SPRING Accelerator Eligibility

    Eligibility defines who can apply for SPRING, the first “hurdle” in selection. The SPRING Accelerator website and application form will include the following eligibility terms—upon approval by DFID, Nike Foundation and USAID.

    1. Be a legal, registered enterprise able to demonstrate a minimum of one year of revenue-generating operations.

    2. Be able to demonstrate current operations or plans to secure representation in Kenya, Uganda and/or Rwanda by June 2015.

    3. The business’s product or service will increase adolescent girls’ ability to do one or more of the following:

  • Generate income
  • Save time or labour, giving girls more time to study or secure employment
  • Save and invest their earnings and assets
  • Feel safe and secure

    4. The business’s product or service must be a physical, digital or financial asset that targets or benefits girls.

    5. Agree to all legal terms and conditions of the SPRING Business Accelerator.

    6. Submit an application form with all required fields completed through the SPRING website.

    7. Be willing to provide material and references in support of your application should they be requested by DFID, Nike Foundation or USAID or its partners in operating the SPRING Business Accelerator.

    8. If selected to join the SPRING Business Accelerator, the CEO is to commit to participating in the accelerator and implementing strategies that will grow and scale your business to increase your influence and impact on the lives of girls.

    9. If selected to join the SPRING Business Accelerator, agree to work with SPRING and its partners to utilize the suite of financial and business support in order to develop and implement your tailored business strategy and access the platform of services to support strategy implementation.

    10. If selected to join the SPRING Business Accelerator, agree to actively participate as a member of and contribute knowledge to the SPRING network.

    11. If selected to receive grant funding, agree to use the financial resources in accordance with the suite of support, as determined in conjunction with SPRING partners.

    12. If selected to join the SPRING Business Accelerator, commit to be available for contact and to provide key performance indicators to SPRING during the Accelerator and for up to three years after completion of your time in the Accelerator, supported by the SPRING Monitoring & Evaluation team.

    13. Complete the application form and submit it on the website before the deadline of 16 March 2015 by 23:59:59 GMT. No entries will be accepted after this time.

    14. Businesses must not produce or distribute goods or services that are not supported by DFID’s aid programmes such as military equipment, luxury goods, alcohol or tobacco.

    15. The SPRING programme and all partners and ventures that participate in the programme will comply with all legal requirements and child protection policies of governments and the ILO in all participating countries.

    16. Businesses owned or controlled by employees of SPRING, its sponsors, contributors or partners, or any of their affiliates, as well as the immediate family (spouse parents, siblings, and children) and household members of such employees, are not eligible.

    For more information and application details, see; SPRING Accelerator

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