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Rosalind Franklin Fellowships: Two Rosalind Franklin Fellowships are available for talented female researchers.

Research and education in the Faculty of Law is carried out in the fields of constitutional law, international law, european law, criminal law, public law, civil law, company law, tax law, and a variety of interdisciplinary fields, like law and economics, philosophy of law, sociology of law, and history of law.

Applicants preferably have:

  • a PhD degree and at least three years of post-doctoral experience
  • experience in various working environments, for example a postdoc period abroad
  • publications in international top journals of legal research
  • proof of independence and international recognition
  • experience in acquiring external funding
  • a research proposal with a clear vision of future legal research
  • teaching experience
  • organizational qualities and communication skills

    Successful candidates will set up their own research project(s) in the area of their choice, including funds to support a PhD project, and will be expected to attract external funding.

    The fellowship, of at most five years, comprises a salary in the range of a university teacher, and a holiday allowance of 8%.

    The salary and the duration of the fellowship depend on experience and qualifications.

    Additional information about the fellowship can be obtained from prof.dr. L.C.A. Verstappen, dean of the Faculty of Law, e-mail address: l.c.a.verstappen[at], Prof.dr. O. Couwenberg, vice-dean of the Faculty of Law, e-mail address: o.couwenberg[at], and dr. J. Houtman, administrative director of the Research School Centre for Law, Administration and Society (Centrum voor Recht, Bestuur en Samenleving – CRBS), e-mail address: j.houtman[at]

    As an applicant, you are requested to submit:

    1. your curriculum vitae, including a complete list of publications

    2. up to five keywords describing your research area

    3. a three-to-five page statement of your research accomplishments and your future research goals

    4. a letter of motivation.

    Deadline: March 1st.

    Applications should be sent to: University of Groningen, Personnel and Organization Department, 9700 AB Groningen, The Netherlands, E-mail: vmp [at]

    When applying for this fellowships always mention RFF-FRG.

    For further details, and application materials, contact: Rosalind Franklin Fellowships

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