Right Sharing Of World Resources Grant Program

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RSWR is particularly interested in funding new, small, grassroots organizations,especially those which are women-led and smaller organization whose budgets may not allow them to receive grants from other sources.

Right Sharing grants provide seed money which is recycled within a community.

RSWR supplies each project with no more than $5,000 per year, the idea being to provide just enough capital to 'prime the pump.'

After receiving RSWR funds, organizations and communities are frequently able to obtain local funding.

By giving small grants, Right Sharing is able to prime as many pumps as possible with our limited resources.

Providing seed grants to organizations to implement an income generating project offers a means of establishing self sufficiency to very poor people.


Up to $US 5,000 per year, for a maximum of five years.

Proposal Criteria:

Proposals should identify the duration of the project.

Funding is approved for the entire length of the project, with funds being released upon receipt of a report/audit of the previous year’s activity.

We strongly recommend that proposals be received by us at least a month in advance of these deadlines.

Make your proposal as short as possible but respond to all the items in the section directly above.

Send your detailed project budget and your organization's last annual financial report, and a complete list of income sources for all projects.


RSWR focuses its funding in South India, Sierra Leone and members of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in the developing world.

Deadline:December 31

For more information and application, visit; Right Sharing Of World Resources Grant Program Website

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