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Research and Conservation Grants: IBA Research and Conservation Grants (RCG) are awarded to help support bear conservation, education projects, and research.

Emphasis is given to projects that demonstrate significant positive effects for bear species, populations, and areas of the world with the highest conservation needs.

Proposals received after that date will be held over for the next year's review.

Who May Apply:

Anyone may apply, including undergraduate, graduate, or post-doctoral students; researchers; educational institutions; conservation organizations; and government agencies.

Applications for projects in developing countries with threatened bear species or populations are strongly encouraged.

How to Apply:

Applications for grants must be in English and be received by the Committee chairperson no later than 31 December for projects to be conducted during the next calendar year.

Applications should be less than 4 pages in length, but additional pages containing budgets, endorsements, and other supporting documents may be attached.

Three letters of reference from individuals familiar with the applicant and project are strongly encouraged. Please send references as electronic attachments (M.S. Word format or PDF files).

The application must include a description of all items requested on the RCG Grant Application Form.

Proposal Deadline: All proposals must be received before midnight on 31 December of the current year.

Dr. Frederick C. Dean, Chair,

Chair - IBA Research and Conservation Grants Committee,

810 Ballaine Road,


Alaska 99709-6606, USA.

Tel: (907) 479-6607.

Fax: (907) 479-3907.

E-mail: deansfs [at]

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