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Project Grant:  Aid to the Church in Need supports in excess of 5,000 projects a year, in more than 130 countries around the world.

Grants for Projects - How Aid to the Church in Need can help

Aid to the Church in Need focuses on providing help for the spiritual and pastoral work of the poor and persecuted Church.
We will only consider specific projects that will further the Church’s mission.

These include:

  • Building and repairing seminaries, churches and chapels
  • Providing means of transport for priests and Sisters
  • Supporting catechetical programmes
  • Publishing and distributing Bibles and other Christian literature
  • Broadcasting Christian TV and radio programmes
  • Providing Mass stipends to priests

We are unable to help private individuals with schooling, medical or living expenses. We cannot help with paying off debts already incurred. We do not usually pay open-ended subsidies or general living expenses.

We generally leave the funding of humanitarian and development projects to other charities; if your project is of that nature, please search the internet for charities which specialise in that equally important work.

Project Grants - Who can apply

We will consider applications from anyone in a responsible position on behalf of the Church – bishops, priests, deacons, lay persons and members of religious orders – superiors and provincials, Sisters and Brothers.

If you are applying as a lay person on behalf of your parish, you should include with your application a letter of support from your parish priest.

We can only consider direct applications. If you are applying to Aid to the Church in Need on behalf of a priest with whom you correspond, please show him this information and inform him that he must apply personally.

We feel that it is a priest’s responsibility to apply directly to us; we do not approach him – it would be unfair to raise his hopes, since our funds are limited.

How to Apply for Project Grants

Applications must be made directly to Aid to the Church in Need by the person in charge of the project.

A summary of the plans and budget for the project will be required. Normally, this information can be provided on a few sheets of paper.

If the project involves building work, architects’ plans and costings will be needed.

If the project is the purchase of a vehicle, a quotation from a local supplier will be required.

Owing to the large number of applications received, the Project Department cannot acknowledge receipt of applications.

Applicants are requested to be patient in waiting for a reply.

If the Project Department has to spend time answering enquiries about the progress of applications, it prevents us dealing with the thousands of aid applications the charity receives each year.

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