Procter and Gamble Fellowship

The SETAC / Procter & Gamble Fellowship for Doctoral Research in Environmental Science, sponsored by the Procter & Gamble Company, will provide $15,000 (USD) for one-year Ph.D. studies.

Although this award is offered annually, its focus rotates among Europe/Africa, Asia/Pacific - Latin America and North America.

The Fellowship will target students in Europe and Africa; the Fellowship will be specific for students in Asia/Pacific - Latin America.

Topics for the Fellowship are listed below.

  • Methods to Determine Fate of Chemical in Solid and Water Waste Systems
  • Rapid Approaches to Estimate Bioaccumulation, Bioavailability or Mode of Toxicity
  • Animal Alternative, In Vitro and In Silico Methods for Environmental Assessments
  • New Mehtods to Extrapolate Laboratory Measures of Environmental Fate and Effects to the Field
  • Use of LCA and Other Methods to Assess Sustainability of Chemicals, Products and Energy
  • Using Environmental Science for Critical Evaluation of "Green Chemistry" and Ecolabel Schemes
  • Use of Environmental Science and Risk Assessment in Sound Management and Regulation of Chemicals

    Each fellowship recipient is assigned a Procter & Gamble mentor and a SETAC liaison to discuss research progress and to develop links to professionals conducting similar research in industry, academia, and government.

    Each recipient will be invited to give interim and final presentations at regional and global SETAC meetings as well as at a Procter & Gamble Technical Center.


    Doctoral students whose research area and academic standing are consistent with the research topics may apply.

    The Student's major professor/dissertation director must have a good academic record and be or become a SETAC member.

    Because the award is paid to the recipient's institution to cover costs and because no overhead expenses are allowed, it is necessary that an authorized representative approve the application on behalf of the institution and certify that none of the award will be spent on overhead.

    Application Instructions:

    An applicant should prepare the following materials, in order, and submit electronically as a single PDF file to the SETAC Office, Pensacola, FL.

    The application packet must contain all of the requested materials to be considered for the award.

  • Cover page containing title of Fellowship, title of research proposal, name and mailing address of applicant and authorized institutional representative, and approval signatures of dissertation director and authorized representative of the institution.
  • A description of the dissertation research prepared by the applicant consisting of:
  • Two pages maximum (title, objectives, rationale, relevancy to environmental quality or risk assessment)
  • Two pages maximum; general methodological approaches;
  • Two pages maximum; significance of anticipated results; and a report of progress on work completed on the project to date.
  • A curriculum vitae of the applicant (1 page maximum), transcripts of all graduate work, and a listing of undergraduate courses relevant to the applicant's field of specialization.
  • A letter in support of the applicant from the dissertation director that includes a statement that resources required to conduct the research are available to the applicant and that the proposed research can be completed during the period of the fellowship.
  • One high resolution photo.

    The material requested above should be sent to the SETAC Office, setac[at]

    Deadline: 3rd September

    For more information and application, visit: Procter and Gamble Fellowship Website
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