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Since Pharmacy Internships are for a fixed period of training and not permanent employment, applicants will not be interviewed. Placement will be based on what posts are available at the time.

The following may be taken into account when selecting candidates for Pharmacy Internships:

1. Nationality - preference will be given to South African Citizens or those with Permanent Residents status, and to persons resident in the Province of KwaZulu-Natal.

2. Bursary Holders – while the internship year is not taken as a bursary payback year, KZN DOH bursary holders will be given preference when placements are undertaken.

3. A willingness to work in presently under-serviced areas.

4. Requirements of the Employment Equity Plan.

5. Academic record - consistency as well as performance. Copies of each year’s results must be submitted with applications.

6. Special Circumstances e.g. married, single parent, etc – full details must be sent with the application.

Accommodation and transport to and from work during the internship are the responsibility of the intern. Some institutions may have accommodation at the hospital, but this cannot be guaranteed.

The prospective intern should contact the hospital directly to ascertain if accommodation will be available and the costs involved.

Any arrangement in this regard is between the intern and hospital management and not Head Office.

For further details, and application materials, contact: Pharmacy Internships - South Africa

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