PhD Scholarships in Innovative Technologies, Sant’Anna School for Advanced Studies of Pisa - Italy

Applications for Ph.D. in Innovative Technologies are underway at Sant’Anna School for Advanced Studies of Pisa.

Students can specialize in one of the following curricula:

  • Embedded Systems, with emphasis on real-time systems and resource management.
  • Telecommunications, especially referring to networks and photonic technologies.
  • Biorobotics, including micro-engineering, biomedical engineering, biomimetic robotics, rehabilitation technologies and computer assisted surgery.

  • Perceptual Robotics, with emphasis on telerobotics, cognitive robotics and virtual environments.

    Admission Requirements:

  • possession of a Master degree (or equivalent);
  • to be under 35 years of age on July 25,

    Positions and grants:

  • 4 positions with 4 fellowships (amounting to € 12.500 per year + free meals at school’s canteen + Campus facilities)

    Application and attachments:

    Enclosures to the hard copy of the applications:

  • two copies of their Curriculum Vitae et Studiorum. Please use the EU model (Please Download it.);
  • detailed list of academic courses taken.

    This list should contain information regarding credits, units (or equivalent) received, the grades received for each class taken, and the date when the final (or semester) examination was taken;

  • a copy of their degree thesis or two abstracts in English and a copy of any other publication that they deem suitable;
  • the certificates of knowledge of the English language;
  • two copies of a detailed Research Project, of no more than 3,000 words, which will describe the research activities that applicants would like to perform during the PhD course.


    Applications must be submitted on line by July 25th at; Sant’Anna School for Advanced Studies of Pisa - Italy

    Hardcopy of the application and the copy of a valid identity document by August 2nd to “Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Divisione Formazione Universitaria e alla Ricerca, Piazza Martiri della Libertà, 33 – 56127 Pisa” with the notice “Application PhD in Innovative Technologies” on the envelopment.


    For more inforamtion see; PhD Scholarships in Innovative Technologies