PhD Scholarships at The Vienna School of Governance (ViGo), University of Vienna

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The newly founded ‘Vienna School of Governance’ is a graduate school established by the University of Vienna.

It focuses on a multi-disciplinary and multi-theoretical approach to the study of modern governance within a comparative framework.

The faculty consists of specialists in policy analysis, researchers concerned with the wider societal and cultural aspects of governance and specialists in the fields of European, East Asian, and African studies.

The core faculty will be complemented by international visiting professors and lecturers.

The 'Vienna School of Governance’' offers a research intensive three year PhD programme on a fulltime basis.

The call is now open for 12 positions for PhD-scholars starting in October.

Accepted research students will receive a monthly scholarship and are freed from tuition.

Students from all countries of origin are eligible who hold a university degree (at least equivalent to an international MA or Austrian 'Magister').

Applicants have to provide proof of basic knowledge of social science theory, methodology and governance issues either by the particular university degree, specialization on such topics within their studies or by complementary training (like summer schools, university courses, etc.).

The dissertation topic has to be directly related to questions of governance within the above mentioned framework and areas of study.

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