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PhD Scholarships at African Universities: As part of its human capacity building component, AfricaRice, funded by the African Development Bank, offers up to ten (10) PhD scholarships at African universities every year. 

The Africa PhD scholarships are comprehensive and include stipend, research costs, tuition, travel and insurance.

PhD Scholarships at African Universities - Areas of Research

AfricaRice offers scholarships related to the rice value chain, in the field of agronomy; mechanization; gender; agribusiness; marketing; or any other related field.

The research will comprise in-depth research conducted in a specific hub(s) in one of the member countries of AfricaRice.

Suggested topics are detailed below, although the recruitment panel invites other topics related to the rice value chain.

Areas and Suggested Topics

  • Agronomy: Yield gap assessment and development of baskets of good agricultural practices with rice farmers
  • Agronomy: Decision-support systems for improved rice crop management
  • Mechanization: Quantitative and qualitative loss assessment in rice during harvest and postharvest operations
  • Knowledge management: Development of knowledge products using information and communication technology to facilitate diffusion of innovations in the rice value chain
  • Gender: Impact of technology introduction in the rice value chain on gender roles and balances
  • Value chain/agri-business: The role of multi-stakeholder platforms (MSPs) in ameliorating the rice value chain
  • Marketing: Enhancing value addition through contracts, marketing and branding of rice products

Africa PhD Scholarships - Qualifications

  • Candidates must satisfy the target university’s admission requirements for PhD studies.
  • Candidates must have identified a supervisory Professor at a reputable African University, who must have agreed to the research proposal written by the applicant.
  • Strong preference is given to PhD candidates already enrolled in a University, and which have finished all or most of the coursework requirements.

Africa PhD Scholarships - Eligibility

  • The scholarships are open to nationals from any country.
  • Enrolment can be in any reputable African university.

Africa PhD Scholarships - Application Procedure 

Candidates will be required to send the following:

  • Application form;
  • Cover letter;
  • Curriculum vitae;
  • A brief proposal of the research (one-page maximum);
  • Endorsement letter of a supervisory Professor;
  • BSc diploma;
  • MSc diploma;
  • If applicable, proof of enrollment in a PhD program at a reputable University;
  • If applicable, transcripts of PhD coursework at a reputable University.

Closing date: 31 July. 

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