PhD Fellowship in Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment of Bitterness in Lettuce - University of Reading, UK

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Lawes Trust studentship award for a joint project between the University of Reading and Rothamsted Research.

A combined molecular genetic, metabolic and sensory approach will be used to answer the following primary questions:

  • Can regions of the lettuce genome, and potentially candidate genes, be identified that regulate SL conjugate biosynthesis?
  • Are 15-oxalyl and 8-sulfate conjugates of SLs stable during shelf life of commercial Lactuca species?
  • Is the consumer perception of bitterness changed in lines quantitatively altered in 8-sulfate conjugates?

    The information from the above questions will yield tools for developing commercial lettuce varieties with more appeal to the consumer palate and give a fundamental insight into the genetic basis of SL conjugate biosynthesis.

    The project is expected to commence in October and will include a stipend to cover the students living expenses at the University of Reading and Rothamsted Research (Hertfordshire).

    The student will be expected to spend time at both institutions.

    For more details of the project please contact Dr Carol Wagstaff at the Department of Food Biosciences, University of Reading (c.wagstaff [at] or Dr Mike Beale at Rothamsted Research (mike.beale [at]

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