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OAB-LUTS Competitive Grants Program:

Pfizer is proud to introduce the OAB-LUTS Competitive Grants Program for Young Investigators.

As competition for research funding increases, the OAB-LUTS Program underscores Pfizer’s commitment to support promising Young Investigators with an interest in advancing knowledge in overactive bladder and voiding dysfunctions.

This program represents Pfizer’s continued commitment to supporting research at academic institutions worldwide.

Grant applications are reviewed by an international Independent Peer Review Selection Committee.

Since the program’s inception, 36 basic science projects and 26 clinical studies have been funded.

Aside from supporting good research initiatives, goals of this program are to help junior faculty establish their research programs and to help fellowship programs support their research year.

Pfizer invites clinical and postgraduate (including masters level) fellows to apply for the OAB-LUTS Competitive Grants Program for Young Investigators;

Young Investigators are investigators within 5 years of completing residency or advanced degree (masters or doctoral).

Faculty and department sponsorship will be needed to support Applicants who are in residency, fellowship, or postdoctoral positions.

Deadline: 14th December

For more grants information and application, see: OAB-LUTS Competitive Grants Program Website

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