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PLEASE NOTE THAT THE TRUST NO LONGER ACCEPTS APPLICATIONS FROM INDIVIDUALS & ONLY DONATES MONEY TO 4 SELECTED UNIVERSITIES IN THE UK. Newby Trust: The Newby Trust makes awards, generally between £250 and £1000 per year, based on the applicant’s financial need as well as academic record.

They have a success rate of around 10%.

Any applicants whose first degree is not from a UK university must have commenced their postgraduate studies before applying.

There is no application form. You should provide the following in duplicate;

  • a personal letter to the Secretary, saying for what course you want support, how the course will help your career, why you are in financial need
  • a full curriculum vitae (CV)
  • a financial statement, including a statement of income (wages, benefits, grants, prizes, savings, investments , loans, etc.) and expenses (course fees, living expenses, book or equipment costs, travelling costs, and other overheads)
  • two confidential letters of reference (from an academic or professional source. It is of critical importance that references are provided by someone able to give a detailed and accurate account of the applicant, his or her work and circumstances. A personal reference may only be provided as an additional reference to the two required.)
  • one stamped, self-addressed envelope.

    Follow the links below for more details and application contacts.

    Applications must be received by March 30th and June 30th each year.

    For more information, visit; Newby Trust

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