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Master of Molecular Biology Scholarships: The Master programme aims at strengthening and updating the theoretical and practical skills of young scientists from developing countries who are already involved in either Human or Animal Health Care, or Agricultural research.

After two years of study, participants should have acquired the ability to cope with a wide range of scientific problems and challenges and the intellectual tools needed to develop a molecular biological approach to tackle the problems their country is facing.

The first year of this Master programme consists of: Molecular Biology; Nucleic Acid Chemistry and Genetic Engineering, General Chemistry and Protein Chemistry, General and Analytical Biochemistry; Microbial Genetics and Genetics of Higher Eukaryotes; Mathematics and Statistics; Bioinformatics; Immunology; Microbiology; Virology and Parasitology; Physiology (plant or animal physiology option); practical courses and visits.

The second year of this Master programme consists of: Advanced Microbial Genetics and Virology; Physical Chemistry and Structural Analysis of Macromolecules; Social and Economical Aspects of Biotechnology) and one of three specialisation core courses:

(i) Plant Production (Phytopathology; Bio-Control of Plant Diseases and Biofertilisation; Plant Biodiversity)

(ii) Animal Production (Prophylaxis of Infectious Diseases of Farm Animals; Applied Biotechnology in Livestock Production; Livestock Genetics)

(iii)Human health (Human infectious diseases; Epidimiology: study design and analysis; Human Genetics and Diseases).

Admission requirements:

  • Holders of a four-year university degree or a three-year university degree (provided the candidate has relevant research experience) are eligible;
  • Priority is given to candidates of developing countries holding the degree of Medical Doctor, Veterinary Doctor or Agricultural Engineer;
  • Candidates holding degrees in Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry and other scientific disciplines related to life sciences are also eligible;
  • A good knowledge of English is a prerequisite. Proof of proficiency in English (TOEFL minimal score 213; computer test=550 paper) or IELTS, minimal score 6.5) has to be provided if previous studies were in a different language.

    Deadline for submission is 31st March.

    For more information and application, see: Master of Molecular Biology Scholarships

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